NTL-NAIGAI Global Home Sailing Schedule Service

We are always in the pursuit of offering comprehensive logistics services at maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

  To meet requirements for earliest shipment, we select and use the best ship and transport route for the secure and fastest shipment from among those in many ocean carriers' shipping schedules.

  Our "two-to-four times a week" shipping schedules are set for easy use by customers.

  Our seamless shipping schedules make it possible to put small-lot goods together into consolidation cargo and transport such cargo, by transshipment at base ports or trucking, from one and the same origin even to any final destination with infrequent ocean transport service.

  With the latest facilities and know-how of shipment, our warehousing partners at ports in Japan are always ready to handle customers' goods.

  Well versed in overseas ports and always in close contact with our agents abroad, we are best prepared to meet any of customers' requirements in the most befitting manner.

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